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BluLines: Classic Edition

This is a re-release with minor fixes and no ads. For those who love the look and feel of the original BluLines app or just want the light text on dark background colours with the ability to customise.

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Email support


Q. The app crashed for some reason, what do I do?

A. Don't delete the app, your data is still on the device (unless you have a .npotes backup file already, you can reinstall the app and try reloading from the backup file).
1. Go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data.
2. Find the latest crash log file with the app name, tap on the file.
3. Send to our email at: support@blulin.es with subject: "Crash Report"

Q. I have purchased upgrades/subscription long ago, but there are ads now?

A. Email us the iTunes receipt or screenshot it and we will send you the code to remove ads.

Q. I was using iCloud Sync feature on an old version before 7.0 and lost my notes updating to version 7.0?

1. Backup device fully to iTunes on desktop computer.
2. Delete the app and download the latest version 7.1
3. Tap on "Old iCloud Data Fix" at the bottom of the opening screen. Wait until done, reinstall and try longer time if notes are still not there.

Important: this does not apply if you did not use the iCloud Sync feature, deleting the app will also delete all your data.

BluLines on Android

We are working hard to bring the Android app up to match the features of the iOS version, stay tuned.

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